• Gabriel De Hoyos

05.25.2019 Umbra Photobooth at Boogie Woman Showcase

No polar bears were harmed in the making of this event! Last Saturday we joined the awesome roster of vendors ranging from all sorts of artists and services like tattoo,ceramics, and plastic art artists. Along with that, Boogie Woman put together an awesome line up of independent artists to play throughout the one night festival.

Here are some of our favorite pics that we took of the event!

Of course, these pics are fine and dandy, but let's not forget the reason we were hired to be here. In our experience, green screens are the biggest hit when they are at youthful events, making this the perfect time to pop up the good ol' image replacing technology and produce a gorgeous variety of backgrounds, here are our favorites : )

Overall, we had a blast and we need to recommend to keep up with @_boogiewoman on instagram. They throw many events through out the year that you do not want to miss.

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