• Gabriel De Hoyos

Photobooth Adventures 06.18.2021 Graduation '21x Debut

Venue: Filipino American Community of Los Angeles

Event Type: Graduation Photobooth/ Birthday Photobooth

California is finally open! This is one of our first events since reopening with some sense of pre 2020 normalcy and I couldn't be any more thankful for the opportunity to be a part of Los Angelinos special occasions. In this photobooth adventure we are celebrating a graduation celebration and our patrons were extremely excited to get the inflatable photo booth. My first instinct was to place the photobooth inside of the venue where the action was happening, but upon further consideration we decided to place the photobooth next to the statue of the legendary filipino hero Jose Rizal.

A community member of the Filipino American Community of Los Angeles gave me a little history lesson about Rizal and the importance he holds in the Filipino culture.

Though he was executed by the Spanish, he was extremely important to the Philippines’ Independence from the Spanish. You could think of him like the George Washington or Benjamin Franklin of the Philippines.

With perfect weather, a hunger for celebrating a return to normalcy and a new chapter in their lives, all the graduates and their families had a blast from beginning to end.

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